To meet the increasing global demand for high-quality biologic drugs Biogen must increase its production capacity . This is why Biogen is constructing the next-generation biologics manufacturing facility at the Borregaard site in Luterbach near Solothurn.

Production facility in Luterbach

The concept and design of the facility in Luterbach are based on Biogen’s long-standing experience in the field of biopharmaceutical production processes.

The facility combines Biogen’s latest concepts for fed-batch cell culture technology and protein purification, enabling the large-scale production of biopharmaceuticals.

The facility is modular and production takes place in manufacturing cells, of which two are planned initially. Depending on how demand develops, further manufacturing cells can be built to expand production in Luterbach.

In addition to the production facilities, the Luterbach plant also houses laboratories, offices, maintenance buildings and a warehouse.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about the project in the FAQs.

Facts and figures

Two production cells comprising four fermenters each with a respective volume of 18,500 liters
Approx. CHF 1.5 billion
13,000 t, this is approximately two times the volume of steel used in the Eiffel Tower
Up to 600 new jobs
Gross value added in Switzerland
CHF 800 million, creating about 2,000 jobs
29,000 m3, this is approximately five times the volume of concrete used to build the Tower of Pisa
Additional growth potential
1,5 to 2 percent of the cantonal GDP
101 km of pipes, roughly the distance from here to Zug 843 km of cables, roughly the distance from here to Hamburg

Our standards

  • Skilled in-house engineering teams ensure that our production facilities are state-of-the-art and that they apply the most advanced technologies. This allows us to meet the demand for our existing therapies, clinical studies and opportunities in the field of biosimilars.
  • Top-rate production teams are vital for the efficient and reliable operation of our equipment.
  • Careful business management guarantees a high level of global production readiness.
  • We develop systems with which we can minimize the impact on the environment by avoiding waste and using resources efficiently.
  • All of our production technologies and activities are focused on the safety of our patients, employees and communities at our locations.

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