«Employee development from day one.»

Meena Shafaq Supervisor Manufacturing Down Streaming

The next step into the future happens here.

In Luterbach, a next-generation facility for biopharmaceuticals is currently being built. For me, it is a unique opportunity to participate in such a project. I have been involved almost from the beginning and am gradually being introduced to automation. My colleagues and I can contribute our ideas to accelerate processes. The close cooperation allows me to get to know other departments and gain insight into other areas. This expands my range of knowledge and also makes career jumps possible. In addition, new jobs are constantly created to open up career prospects for us employees.

Teamwork is our top priority and for me it is also an important aspect of our corporate culture. At Biogen, you work in a multicultural environment, which I really appreciate. This means that much of the communication takes place in English. In order to improve my English language skills, Biogen has supported me from the very beginning and organized language courses. My team colleagues, who are native English speakers, were always on hand to help me with comprehension problems.

Job offers

Biogen pioneers

“Working Fearlessly” means developing innovative ideas and then incorporating them into our work together with our other colleagues. This mindset allows Biogen to tread new ground and so collaboratively improve the lives of millions of people. Here our pioneers provide their personal insights into the working culture embraced at Biogen.

«Power of diversity.»

Laurence Coneim

Specialist Quality Engineering

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«Be courageous and get out of the comfort zone.»

Jason Sutphin

Senior Manager Manufacturing Engineering

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«We redefine standards.»

Nicole Weyeneth

Laboratory Scientist Quality Control

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«Active employee development is central.»

Carmen Schirmaier

Supervisor Manufacturing Cell Culture

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Changing lives

In Solothurn (Switzerland), Biogen built the Next-Generation Biologics Manufacturing facility. With state-of-the-art technologies and highly collaborative ways of working the production facility is one of the most productive of its kind.

The contribution of every employee of Biogen makes it possible for us to research new therapeutic approaches and produce innovative drugs for the treatment of serious diseases. You can help us make decisive improvements in the lives of patients.

What we offer

  • Work that changes lives
  • Next-generation technology and working methods
  • Ultra-modern workplace with good public transport connections
  • Ever-growing career opportunities
  • Continuous training and further education
  • Opportunities to become involved and contribute
  • Cross-divisional, multi-disciplinary areas of responsibility
  • Dynamic, challenging but also supportive environment
  • Multi-cultural working environment that inspires and leads to innovation

Your opportunity

Your ideas and concepts are important to us. We are looking for ambitious, positive-thinking and team-oriented individuals with a range of experience and resumes.

  • Biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry
  • Related industries such as the chemicals, medtech and food and beverage sectors
  • Holders of a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree (from a university/university of applied sciences) in chemistry, biology or biotechnology

We are looking for employees in all positions to build new teams and departments: senior managers, team leaders, professionals and entry-level professionals.

Are you interested in becoming part of our team at the next-generation biologics manufacturing site in Luterbach?

Job vacancies at Biogen